The body maintenance massage

The body maintenance massage is more profound and it involves specific maneuvers which help maintain the health of the entire body. The procedures applied in this type of massage activate the blood flow within all organs, ensuring the functionality of the organism.

Includes anti-cellulite massage!

The body maintenance massage includes the anti-cellulite massage which, by activating the blood flow, helps reduce and eliminate the fat deposits. This type of massage stimulates the lymphatic system, helps eliminate the water retained in the tissues and gradually removes the orange peel skin aspect.

Maintains the health of the body and prevents illness!

This type of massage is recommended for those who make a lot of physical effort, those recovering after a series of therapeutic massages, but also for those who wish to prevent diseases and maintain their health. The body maintenance massage stimulates the skin, muscles, and nerves and can be performed on the back, neck, hands or legs, based on the patient’s needs.

This type of massage has a positive effect on the entire body:

  • Helps eliminate the toxins
  • Increases the elasticity of the skin, joints, and muscles
  • Tones up the muscles and increases the mobility of the joints
  • Facilitates the muscles recovery and treats sports injuries
  • Reduces the pain in the muscles, back, and neck
  • Improves the blood flow
  • Improves the physical performance and fastens the recovery after physical effort
  • Increases the tonus and vitality
  • Reduces stress and has a relaxing effect
  • Contributes to the better regeneration of the tissues
  • Reduces the cellulite


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